creative solutions for investor relations

Communication services for investor and media audience on a level that fits the company profile.

At Powwow we recognize the importance of highly confidential and time sensitive information, for example, quarterly and annual result presentations. Our skillset in delivering broadcast quality solutions for such presentations is what we excel in.

We produce strategic and creative content for live presentations, its social media outlets and prerecorded shows. Delivering in the highest quality and always maintaining the highest level of confidentiality for our clients. We are tailoring solutions to match client’s needs, delivering turnkey solutions from soup to nuts, cooperating closely with inhouse teams. We serve only one client per industry.

Shell PLC

Working together with various departments after being approached by Shell, to design, within the approved brand guidelines a flexible show. We developed not only the running orders, technical deliveries and consultancy on media training for the executives. We were integral part of the show and the presentations and enjoyed co creating with the the branding and content teams and the creatives of the content engine, the IT team and the Investor relations and media. Winner of the IR Society Best Practice Awards 2021.


Other examples of our strategic content.


ING Group gave us the challenge to help them introduce their new CEO to the public, press and stakeholders. Straight talk emerged. Concept, creative direction and production.


Aegon asked us to develop a concept around their annual strategy talk. A conversation with their CEO. Concept, creative direction and production.


True sets out KPMG’s cultural priorities: transparency, integrity and quality, in ‘true talk’ interim CEO Jan Hommen and change manager Jet Wiechers talk about their concerns and they share their ideas. Concept, creative direction and production.


Sander Heeroma

Award winning producer for over 25 years, partner at caviar, worked for international advertising clients delivering high end media content for clients such as AHOLD, Unilever P&G, Johnson and Johnson, ING Bank, ABNAMRO bank and many more.


What he brings to each client the ability to identify plans to turn complex production challenges into sustainable solutions that add instant business value for the brands he works for.
Optimistic and forward-thinking rain maker with extensive creative network, international mindset and ‘can-do’ mentality. Decisive, creative, and dedicated creative producer with an eye for detail who likes to make decisions quickly.

Joost Meijer

Highly experienced creative producer with over 25 years experience in international advertising and corporate industry. Strong content professional with a double Bachelor in Arts focused on film and design. Skilled in concept, strategy, internal- and external branding, filmcontent and direction. Worked for corporates like T Mobile, PVH group, Adidas, Action, OLX, HSBC, Philips, ABNAMRO, Achmea, Heineken, Dutch Railways and many more. Joost also produced and directed for the Netherlands Ministry of Defence, creating content all over the world together with the finest pilots and technician.

Foto: Eva Plevier

Jacco Post

Production and general management of a variety of branded content and advertising. 25+ years of international experience in film, photography, tv and event production. Fiction, commercials, online, DOOH, interactive, VR/360, radio, print, corporate cinema and events. Worked for corporates like NN (quarterlies), Coca-Cola Company (anual kickoff) Danone ELN, BinckBank, Phenix Capital (Impact Summit), Kempen-Van Lanschot etc. Specialized in digital content creation and production for film, tv and cross media. Troubleshooter, problem solver.


Sander Heeroma +31(0) 6 532 332 13

Visiting address: Jodenbreestraat 25, 1011NH Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Powwow is committed to make a difference of our own in how we work and in what our services provide. We will conduct business in a socially responsible and morally upstanding manner. We Support human rights to safeguard the freedoms and liberties of all people and treat them with respect. We protect people’s health and safety as well as the environment. We are a strong supporter of Green filmmaking. We persue a positive impact and strive to engage, learn from and support the communities with which we work.